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Coronavirus:nearly 30,000 deaths in the United States, France questions deconfinement, update on the pandemic

With more than two million cases detected worldwide, Covid-19 continues to spread. In the United States, President Donald Trump wants to be reassuring despite nearly 30,000 deaths in the country. In France, we naturally wonder about the deconfinement after May 11.

Donald Trump is reassuring

On the evening of April 15, the toll in the United States was 639,628 confirmed cases for 28,364 deaths . A new record was broken, namely that of the number of deaths in 24 hours (2,569). While experts predict between 100,000 and 200,000 deaths at the end of the epidemic, predict Donald Trump has adopted a reassuring posture.

The person indicated that the country had passed the peak of new cases . He also mentioned encouraging progress to finalize guidelines to reopen the country and thus revive the economy. In the state of New York (home of the epidemic), any return to normal is logically excluded. However, Governor Andrew Cuomo now requires the population to wear a mask and respect the distance of security. However, these measures have been adopted since March 19 in California, a state that sets an example in the United States.

Coronavirus:nearly 30,000 deaths in the United States, France questions deconfinement, update on the pandemic

After May 11 in France:possible deconfinement?

This Monday, April 13, President Emmanuel Macron extended the confinement until May 11. However, if it is a question of a deconfinement after this date, it is in reality a reduction of the confinement. Indeed, 18 million French people will have to remain in confinement after May 11. This mainly concerns people over the age of 65. However, people with long-term conditions are also affected, as are obese people. By the way, let's recall the results on the evening of April 15:134,753 cases for 17,167 deaths.

For the rest of the population, deconfinement will take place if certain conditions are met . If the details are lacking on this subject, it seems that it is partly necessary to have figures much more positive than today when it comes to new daily cases. Furthermore, it seems logical that in the event of a second wave, deconfinement will not take place. In addition, many teachers, unions and parents are still wondering about the modalities of the partial reopening of schools after May 11.

As everyone knows, half of humanity is in confinement or subject to social distancing rules. And yet, the toll continues to grow every day. Now, it reports more than 2 million cases for more than 137,000 deaths.