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Coronavirus, nearly 30,000 cases, development of a treatment denied by the WHO, update on the epidemic

The 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak is approaching 30,000 confirmed cases and reports more than 550 deaths. Chinese researchers claim to have developed an effective treatment for the virus. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has denied the existence of such a treatment.

Last assessment of the epidemic

In China, the number of new deaths in one day has again broken a record (73). Now the death toll is 565 , including one in Hong Kong and one in the Philippines. As for the number of confirmed cases, it is currently 28,261, according to the Hong Kong daily South China Morning Post this February 6, 2020. Let us also mention the number of infected who finally escaped the disease:911. The other countries with the most confirmed cases are Japan (33 cases), Singapore (28), Thailand (25) and the South Korea (19).

While tens of millions of Chinese are currently confined, anger has risen a notch among the population. President Xi Jinping, however, has announced that local politicians – at whom this anger is directed – will be severely punished if they didn't follow government guidelines to stop the outbreak.

Coronavirus, nearly 30,000 cases, development of a treatment denied by the WHO, update on the epidemic

WHO denial of treatment

In an article published on February 4, the Chinese television channel CGTN claimed that researchers at Zhejiang University have developed a treatment for the 2019n-CoV coronavirus . We are talking about preliminary tests conducted in vitro in the laboratory . However, these same tests would have shown that this treatment – ​​combining two molecules – could block the coronavirus.

Asked by UK media Sky News on February 5, Prof. Robin Shattock of Imperial College London also announced that he had advanced his research. The person has spoken of a "significant breakthrough" in the development of a treatment and is about to launch a trial phase on animals.

The same day, the WHO still wanted to set things straight. While research is indeed underway, there is still no effective treatment against the coronavirus. However, the next few days could be decisive depending on the results that will be obtained in particular by this research carried out in China and the United Kingdom.


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