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Coronavirus:nearly 25,000 cases and 500 dead, first death in Hong Kong, update on the epidemic

Every day, the 2019-nCoV coronavirus epidemic is progressing. We are now at around 25,000 confirmed cases and almost 500 deaths. In addition, the first death has been reported in Hong Kong and new measures have been taken in cities near Shanghai.

Understated numbers?

According to an article in the South China Morning Post published on February 5, 2020, the latest report shows 24,534 confirmed cases and 492 deaths . We should also mention the number of infected people who have recovered from the disease:911. However, this kind of daily official report is controversial. Many experts and social media users believe that these statistics only reflect acute cases of patients who have been admitted to hospital. In other words, many cases may have not yet been detected by the health authorities.

You should also know that in Wuhan (focus of the epidemic), quantifying the scale of the epidemic has become very complicated. Indeed, hospitals are in lack of test kits. In any case, according to the authorities, no less than 2,500 patients infected in Hubei Province are in serious to critical condition.

Coronavirus:nearly 25,000 cases and 500 dead, first death in Hong Kong, update on the epidemic

A first death in Hong Kong

On February 4, the authorities of the autonomous territory declared their first death . It was a 39-year-old man already weakened by other health problems. However, the latter had gone to Wuhan at the end of January. Hong Kong now has 18 confirmed cases of the coronavirus, which is no more than other countries such as Japan and Singapore. However, local authorities remain on alert.

Indeed, four confirmed cases had no obvious source of infection . According to the doctors, it could be a local contamination and now the virus could be spreading even faster. Two cases are particularly suspected of having transmitted the disease locally.

New measures near Shanghai

As TVA Nouvelles explains , the Chinese authorities have taken new containment measures. These are the cities of Hangzhou, Taizhou and Ningbo located in Zhejiang province south of Shanghai. In some areas of these cities, only one person per household is allowed to go out, and only once every two days. If these measures do not concern all the districts of these cities, the people confined are still counted in the millions.

Recall that almost all of Hubei province and its capital Wuhan are under quarantine. This is a very difficult situation for about 50 million citizens . In addition, the city of Wenzhou (Zhejiang) had already been confined a few days ago.


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