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Marloes got pregnant after her breast cancer

Marloes got pregnant after her breast cancer

After her breast cancer, Marlous (32) became pregnant spontaneously against all expectations. She breastfed with one breast.

“The moment I touch the lump felt I was pregnant. The doctor assumed it was a swollen mammary gland and told me to come back after I had given birth. That pregnancy ended in a miscarriage and because I felt the lump growing, I had my breast checked again. It soon turned out to be wrong. I had a one and a half inch lump and my breast had to be amputated. I was never afraid that it would not end well. But the idea that I might never be able to have children gripped my throat. The chemo would temporarily put me in the menopause and my fertility would decrease. I had just married a lovely man, children were coming and now I had breast cancer † That's why we had IVF done just before I started chemo. Twelve embryos were frozen.

It was a bizarre time:on the one hand I was trying to survive, on the other I was injecting hormones for new life. But the idea that I could still have children also helped me through the treatments. I had a very sweet nurse who said, 'Try to live your life. Don't focus too much on the chemo and remember that many people get well again.' I took that advice to heart. After the treatments I had to be cancer free for two years before the embryos could be transferred. But it didn't get that far. Despite my reduced fertility, I was pregnant a month after finishing the treatments. Spontaneously. I could not believe it. That my body, which had been through so much, could still get pregnant.

Since two weeks we have a beautiful son:Aaron. I still think it's a miracle when I look at him. Even breastfeeding is fine with one breast. Apparently a body is very flexible; my one breast produces milk for two. Afraid that the breast cancer returns, ben
not me. My body can handle a lot, I have that confidence now.”

Santé Magazine, Text Rosa Koelemeijer, Image:Getty Images