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10 Tips for Healthy Teeth

Is a visit to the dentist not your favorite activity? You should go for checkups at least twice a year, but if you want to stick with it, you'll need to take care of your teeth at home. Here are some dental tips to help:

1. Brushing your teeth - Brush your teeth twice a day, preferably after meals. Keep a small toothbrush in your bag for a quick post-lunch brushing.

2. Toothpaste – Fluoridated toothpaste adds a protective layer to your teeth, protecting them from decay.

3. Timing – Each brushing session should last at least 2-3 minutes.

4. Flossing - Slide a floss thread between the teeth in a slow sawing motion. Gently slide the wire around the roots of the teeth to dislodge particles of food.

5. Acidic Drinks and Foods – Citric acid in juices and phosphoric acid in soft drinks loosen the protective layers of the teeth.

6. Sugars – Similar to acidic drinks, sugars cause tooth decay. The bacteria that cause plaque convert sugars into acids and wear down the teeth.

7. Oral Protection – Protect your mouth from injury using face masks and helmets when participating in sports activities.

8. Tooth Rejection – If a tooth has fallen out, take it and rinse it gently with water. Then put it in milk and take it to the dentist right away.

9. Chew and Bite – Your teeth are designed to eat anything, but not anything else. Biting or chewing on inedible objects can cause teeth to break or crack.

10. Checkups - Finally, visit the dentist twice a year for a dental check-up to ensure your teeth are in good health.