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This is the effect of too little light on your health

This is the effect of too little light on your health

With winter time approaching, it only gets worse:a lack of light. And too little light has a lot of negative consequences for your health.

The days are getting shorter as winter approaches. This means that your body is also increasingly exposed to less light. A lack of light affects your mood and sleep, which can lead to other health problems. That is why, according to experts, much more attention should be paid to the importance of light for your health, reports

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Quality of sleep

Chronobiologist Marijke Gordijn of the University Medical Center Groningen:“It's about the quality of sleep. If you don't sleep well, for example, your hormone balance changes, making you more at risk of obesity.”


She also explains that there are direct connections between your eyes and the brain region that regulates your mood. “Insufficient light affects your mood negatively and can even lead to depression.”

More light

According to her, there is a solution:“You have to either bring in the daylight better, or increase the lighting intensity.”