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19 Little Tips To Improve Your Health.

19 Little Tips To Improve Your Health.

Everyone wants to improve their health.

But, there is a problem:where to start?

Sometimes all it takes is small changes to improve your life.

Just because you're looking for a more balanced diet, a more active life, or a more hygienic environment doesn't mean you have to drastically change your lifestyle.

We asked our readers which small changes had the biggest impact on their well-being.

So, quickly discover these 19 little changes that could improve your health.

19 Little Tips To Improve Your Health.

1. Reorganize your fridge

“I completely revamped my fridge. I started by putting my fruits and vegetables in transparent containers. Then, I placed them on a shelf at eye level, next to the yogurt and salad toppings. It means that now, when I open the fridge, these are the food choices that I see first.

I also threw out all the take-out food boxes, which I used to recycle for food. This is because, subconsciously, seeing them encouraged me to order takeout food. Thanks to this new “system”, I choose to eat better, and I have reduced my blood pressure. »

— Caroline Petit, Royan (Charente-Maritime)

Discover the trick to reorganize your fridge here.

2. Take an energizing ride

“A year ago, I changed my habit during my break, at work. Instead of reading for 15 minutes like I used to, I started doing power walks around my workplace. After only 2 months, I was amazed at the change this small modification had on my face. My love handles are gone and my calves have been toned. Today, I have more energy during the day and I sleep better at night. »

— Carine Salzani, Villerupt (Meurthe-et-Moselle)

3. Do deep breathing exercises

“My therapist suggested some deep breathing exercises. to reduce stress. I'm a 4th grade math teacher and my anxiety level can be very high at times.

I breathe in for a slow count of 5, hold my breath for a slow count of 5, and breathe out slowly for a count of 5. This method immediately calms me down and keeps me focused. It's a little 3 min break that I can take whenever and wherever I want. »

— Catherine Morin, Epinal (Vosges)

4. Bring healthy snacks to work

“In the office, my colleagues are used to having something to snack on. As a result, there are often crisps or sweets at hand. I had gotten into the bad habit of snacking on cookies in the late morning and mid-afternoon.

At the beginning of the year, I started to bring healthy snacks (like clementines, nuts, muesli) at work instead of the usual snacks. Since I eliminated my intake of refined sugar and "empty calories" from my diet, I no longer have bouts of fatigue at the end of the afternoon. »

— Catherine Longet, Toulouse (Haute-Garonne)

5. Lifting weights

« Handling dumbbells not only made me more flexible, but I also have no more muscle pain in my back, my neck, and my shoulders. I've long believed that cardio training was most important to a lean, healthy body — and that weight training would only increase my body mass. Still, at 41, I look good and have never felt better. »

— Christine Pelletier, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (Quebec)

6. Shopping online

“At home, we all do our shopping online . When I shop at the supermarket, I'm more likely to make a compulsive purchase. Who can refuse 2 milk chocolate bars for the price of one? Not me, anyway.

When I shop online, it's much easier to resist these kinds of temptations and promotions. Therefore, we eat more balanced and, in addition, we achieve significant savings. »

— Rebecca Wertheimer, Charleroi (Belgium)

7. Do push-ups and sit-ups

“I have always had weight issues. A few months ago, I started the daily training practiced by my daughter who is 10 years old :40 sit-ups and 20 push-ups. My daughter does this workout in the evening for her gym class. But I prefer to do them as soon as I wake up (I give myself 10 minutes before starting).

The result ? Of course, I feel stronger physically. But in addition, this physical activity puts me in a good mood and helps me to make better decisions throughout the day. »

— Jeanne Klein, Geispolsheim (Bas-Rhin)

8. Drink water before morning coffee

“I always drank coffee in the morning, before going to work. But I still felt tired. After talking to my fitness instructor about it, he advised me to drink water before my usual coffee . According to him, it boosts the metabolism — which helps me wake up faster.

Since then, I only drink water in the morning. I wait for the small stroke of fatigue in the middle of the morning to drink my cup of coffee. With this small change, I feel invigorated and full of energy. »

— Geneviève Gautier, Yverdon-les-Bains (Switzerland)

19 Little Tips To Improve Your Health.

9. Have a light breakfast

“I noticed that when I ate a heavy breakfast, like scrambled eggs on bread, I dragged my feet throughout the day. My daily tasks, such as sending emails or preparing a presentation, required a lot more effort.

Since I eat lighter breakfasts , like oatmeal or yogurt with fruit, I have more energy—and it lasts all day. »

— Marie-Reine Despré, Gatineau, Quebec

10. Stick to a sleep schedule

I established a regular sleep schedule that I respect. It really helped me with my insomnia problems. Now, every day, I go to bed and get up at the same times. I pour a few drops of lavender essential oil on my pillow and listen to relaxing music while falling asleep.

With a good night's sleep, I have fewer mood swings and am more alert. »

— Marie Champougny, Tonnerre (Yonne)

11. Watch your diet

“2 years ago, I wanted to lose weight before my wedding. I used an app called MyFitnessPal , to monitor everything I ate.

I quickly realized that I was consuming a lot of calories with my snacks — and how physical activity helps burn those calories.

Today I am a married woman, but I still use this app. For me, it's a great way to motivate myself to eat well and continue to exercise regularly. »

— Maya Keijser, Schaerbeek (Belgium)

Check out the MyFitnessPal app here.

12. Gardening

“I know that physical activity is important for good health. Unfortunately, going to the gym doesn't make me feel comfortable and I never run (unless a bear is after me).

On the other hand, I discovered that gardening is a surprisingly pleasant alternative to physical activity "traditional". In addition, it also has the advantage of relaxing me. Shoveling, weeding, and spading to till the soil are activities that increase your heart rate. »

— Maryse Broubaix, Issy-Les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine)

13. Monitor the effect of food on your body

“I started to closely monitor the effect that food had on my body. Then I adjust my diet based on what I observe. I'm really surprised at how beneficial this small change has been.

For example, after noticing that having no fat in my diet caused stomach aches and bloating, I started eating more healthy fats. Since then, I have lost 7 kilos and I have less muscle and joint pain. »

— Ségolène Marchal, Valenciennes (North)

14. Wash hands frequently

“I am of the opinion that it is more the objects we touch than the air we breathe that contaminate us. That's why I urge my two sons to wash their hands frequently.

It's been more than a year since we had any illnesses in our home, and I'm very proud of it. No family member has missed a day of school or work in quite a while. Either we are very lucky, or my little change is very effective. »

— Marie-Paule Caillaux, Chateauroux (Indre)

15. Be well seated

After researching the likely causes of my back pain and fatigue, I learned that poor posture can cause both of these symptoms.

So, to help me stand straight in a sitting position , I traded my office chair for a stability ball. The result ? My back pain is greatly reduced, I feel more alert and confident in myself at the office. »

— Françoise Bonnet, Saint-Raphaël (Var)

You can find a stability ball at sports stores or buy one online here.

16. Eat less sugar

“Eating sweets has always been my big weakness. I always had dessert after my lunch. In the early afternoon, I was already starting to think about what I was going to have for dessert, well before dinner time.

Since then, I refrain from eating several desserts in one day. To address my sugar addiction, I eat dark chocolate or raspberries, instead of typing in ice cream.

Today, I am no longer subject to mood swings or guilt. And the most important thing is that I savor the sugar even more than before. »

— Amanda Duhamel, Trois-Rivières (Quebec)

17. Stretch every day

“I always thought stretching was a waste of time, until I injured my knee. During my therapy, I was surprised by the beneficial effect of daily stretching .

Now that I always stretch after physical activity, my body has a lot less aches and pains. My legs were often strained before. But, now that I stretch morning and evening, I have no pain at all. »

— Vanessa Gontard, La Rochelle (Charente-Maritime)

18. Read the nutritional information of foods

“Our small change was to read the nutritional information on the packaging labeling. Since then, my children and I decide whether a product is good enough for our health or not.

If a food doesn't meet our requirements (no processed vegetable oils, no high fructose corn syrup, low sugar, and at least 2g of fiber per serving), well, we don't buy it not ! Therefore, we know exactly what we are putting into our body. »

— Valentina Senia, Montpellier (Hérault)

19. Wake up earlier

“5 years ago, after a period as a housewife, I resumed my professional life. I quickly realized that waking up at the same time as my daughter and my husband made me feel bad.

Why ? Because I felt overwhelmed. Probably because I had to prepare breakfast right away and help everyone with the preparations for the day.

Today, I wake up exactly 30 minutes before everyone else . I can take the time to sip my coffee and read the newspaper quietly. It's become a little morning ritual that helps me feel more awake and improves my state of mind. »

—Marion Patrouilleau, Lyon (Rhône)