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3 things you should not do immediately after eating

3 things you should not do immediately after eating

Have you just enjoyed a big meal? Then it is better not to do these activities right away!

We used to learn that we shouldn't go swimming after dinner – more on that later – but there are also a number of other activities that you shouldn't do right after dinner. Have you just enjoyed a big meal? Then keep reading!

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1. Brushing your teeth

This may sound illogical, but it is often better not to brush your teeth right after eating. When you eat foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugars, such as bread, cookies and soda, certain bacteria form in your mouth. These bacteria attack tooth enamel, so brushing right after eating these foods can actually prevent these bacteria from building up. Have you eaten or drunk anything acidic such as wine or citrus fruit? Then you better wait a while before brushing your teeth. If you brush your teeth within half an hour after eating these products, you can actually damage the enamel of your teeth. The acids have ensured that the enamel has already become weaker. It is therefore better with these types of products to brush your teeth beforehand and to drink a glass of water after eating or to wait thirty minutes before brushing.

2. Going to bed

We all know the debate about whether a late-night snack has an effect on your weight, but one thing is certain:going to sleep right after dinner does not improve the quality of your sleep. In fact, it is best to wait three hours after eating before lying down. Why? Digestion should take place when you are sitting up, not when you are lying down. Otherwise, your body will have trouble keeping stomach acid down. There are certain products that will give you more…. For example, think of fatty foods, alcohol and fried foods. Large meals that are high in fat and alcohol can also make you less likely to fall asleep. So it is better to avoid them right before going to sleep!

3. Sports

You may remember your mother always telling you not to swim after dinner. That advice was not unfounded, but not for the reasons we thought. At first we thought it was because the digestive process needs blood and therefore pulls it away from your other organs, which can leave you tired and at risk of drowning. Now it is true that it requires blood to digest your food, but luckily you have enough blood to keep the rest of the organs working at the same time. Still, swimming—or exercising in general—isn't smart right after you eat. It can cause your stomach to become upset and you will suffer from cramped muscles. So make sure you wait three to four hours to exercise after eating a big meal. Did you eat something small? Then you can get started after one or two hours!