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How should you deal with a cheat day?

How should you deal with a cheat day?

Eating healthy is not always easy. Once in a while you can really crave a pizza. If you've indulged in ordering a pizza, you don't always have to feel guilty about it. This is how to deal with a cheat day.


You may think cheating on your diet when you think about cheating. But this is not how you should think. That only works negatively. Think of a cheat day as consciously admitting because you deserve it. When you eat a pizza, enjoy it and see it as a reward. Did you know that you are more likely to eat more when you feel guilty? If you stand behind your choice, you will notice that you are satisfied faster.

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Eating out is allowed

A meal in a restaurant contains an average of 1000 calories. This is more than what is on your plate at home, but it can't hurt. If you eat out often, you will probably gain some weight, but twice in a row is fine. If you go out to eat, try to stick to your healthy diet during the day.


Try to put the calories in context. If you're going away for a weekend and you gain some weight, that makes more than sense. Don't worry about these extra calories and put them in a box.

Don't throw in the towel all day

Don't go for an all-or-nothing mentality. Eating unhealthy snacks throughout the day without really enjoying them will put you on more pounds than one or two meals you actually look forward to. Allow to eat what you really crave. And follow your normal diet for the rest of the day.

Repeat your goal

If you see healthy eating as a punishment, it can be harder to stick to it. Repeat your goal and see for yourself what drives you to eat healthy. You will notice that eating healthy will be a lot easier.


Make sure that 90% of the meals you eat in a week are healthy. If you eat three meals and one snack every day, you have 28 eating moments in the week. Try to eat healthy 90% of the time. This equates to 26 healthy meals per week. You will notice after a month that this is easy to maintain, because you can look forward to that tasty meal while you eat healthy.