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This is how you keep a balance day

This is how you keep a balance day

December is not the best month for your line. We like to enjoy the goodies, but it doesn't hurt to have a balance day every now and then.

With these tips, your balance day can hardly go wrong.

  • Preferably plan the balance day on a day when you are at home or at work and do not have dinner.
  • Prepare for your balance day. Make sure you have enough healthy products at home and preferably as few chips and cookies in the cupboard as possible.
  • Start your day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast.
  • Make sure you have enough healthy snacks with you. When you get hungry during the day, you give in more quickly to the temptation of something tasty.
  • Do you fancy a hot lunch? Don't be tempted by the croquette sandwich, but have a cup of soup.
  • Dare to say no if someone offers you something tasty during your balance day. You don't have to be ashamed of having a balance day. Chances are that people actually respect you.
  • If you suddenly feel the need for something tasty, have fruit, a muesli bar, a bowl of yogurt or another healthy snack.
  • Drink enough water during the day and avoid alcohol.
  • Don't skip dinner, but opt ​​for a light dinner. Choose lean meat or fish. If necessary, check the packaging to see how many calories it contains.

What do you prefer to eat on a balance day? Share your tips!