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The three kilos every woman wants to lose

The three kilos every woman wants to lose

Those miserable three extra kilos always ... How come? And above all:how do you get rid of it?

Notable: even women who are satisfied with their bodies often still wish to weigh three kilos less. That is not surprising, says GZ psychologist Liselotte Visser. According to her, there are several reasons why you always want to lose three kilos.

The first reason is quite remarkable
Visser:'It is socially desirable behaviour. You just don't say that you have a good body so quickly. We live in a world in which we unconsciously expect each other to work on a better, leaner and more beautiful version of ourselves.'

Do you agree or not?
In the May issue of Santé you can read more about the three kilos that every woman wants to lose. Of course with good tips and exercises.