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Extra kilos due to the holidays

Extra kilos due to the holidays

75 percent of the slimming Dutch are afraid that they will gain weight during the holidays. This is apparent from a survey by

The holidays are very enjoyable † good food, drinks and socializing with family and/or friends. The majority of the Dutch are already looking forward to it, but already know that it will be very difficult for them.

A large majority find it difficult to stay away from the Christmas treats and also the oliebollen and champagne are treats that are hard to resist. That they are really going to have a hard time is shown by the fact that for no less than 72 percent of the respondents, food and drink is a very important part of the holidays.

It is striking that the respondents make little effort to prevent them from gaining weight , no less than 83 percent say they are less strict during the holidays. Yet three quarters are afraid that all that tasty food will lead to about 1 to 5 kilos extra weight † Not only the food but also the lack of exercise during the holidays plays a role in this.

Despite the fear of gaining weight, 14 percent already decide that they let themselves go completely and just enjoy yourself. They will see further in January.

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