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Losing kilos:5 habits to get used to

Losing kilos:5 habits to get used to

Losing pounds takes a lot of effort, but these 5 tips don't require a diet or gym. Take on a number of small habits, with great effect.

1. Drink a glass of water before every meal
This makes it easier to reach the recommended daily amount of water and you feel fuller, so that you eat too much less quickly.

2. Make some simple swaps Make your own light dressing for your salad. It's tasty and it saves 80 calories with a ready-to-use variant.

3. Replace your dessert
Do you always have a craving for sweets after dinner? Instead of dessert, have a block of dark chocolate. A cup of fresh mint tea is also a good way to end the dinner.

4. Measure your portions
Don't gamble something in the pan, measure everything. It will have more effect than you think, because research shows that we eat our plate. Don't want to eat too much? Then it starts with measuring and weighing your ingredients.

5. Don't drink your calories
Many drinks contain few nutrients, but many calories. So moderate with alcohol, soft drinks and sweetened fruit juices.