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Climate action 10:10

The 10:10 international climate campaign will start on October 10.

Target of 10:10
Many people do not know that the production, transport and consumption of meat is one of the main causes of climate change † Shockingly, intensive livestock farming worldwide emits even more greenhouse gases than all cars, industry, trucks, trains, boats and planes combined.

Forests are being cut down en masse for the production of soya and grain, which is used for animal feed. Cows also produce methane gas that yet is more harmful than CO2 † So you are already contributing to the environment to a large extent if you do not eat meat one day a week.

What else you can do? Walking or cycling to work. Moreover, this also ensures that you have a lot less chance of heart failure than when you go to work by car. Taking the elevator instead of the stairs also helps against heart failure and contributes to a better environment † So two birds with one stone.

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