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My Dentist's Effective Cavity Remedy.

My Dentist s Effective Cavity Remedy.

Want to avoid cavities?

The health of your teeth is essential. And prevention is better than cure!

Luckily, my dentist is a nice guy when he's not chopping my teeth.

He gave me a very effective trick to avoid cavities.

The simple and economical treatment he recommends is to use magnesium chloride.

My Dentist s Effective Cavity Remedy.

  • What is it?
  • How to
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  • Where can I find magnesium chloride?

What is this?

Magnesium chloride, have you heard of it?

We already told you about its 9 health benefits. But at the time we did not know this tenth benefit:that of cleaning the teeth and preventing the formation of cavities.

Magnesium chloride is a very good disinfectant. It allows you to clean a wound, but also to eliminate the bacteria that are at the origin of the formation of cavities.

It is also very good for strengthening your immune defenses. And the more your teeth are fortified, especially at the enamel level, the less susceptible they are to cavities.

My Dentist s Effective Cavity Remedy.

How to

1. Dilute 20 grams of magnesium chloride in 1 liter of water.

2. Make mouthwashes with it.

3. Leave the mixture in the mouth for about 30 seconds, gargling so that the magnesium chloride passes well between all the teeth.


There you go, your teeth are now protected against cavities :-)

Take a course of 3 weeks of magnesium chloride every year. One liter of this mixture lasts about 1 week.

You can also drink magnesium chloride after making your mouthwash so that its benefits are also useful to your whole body.

Where to find magnesium chloride?

Magnesium chloride is very easy to find. You can buy it in pharmacies or here on the Internet for example.