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Eat 1 Apple After Meal:Why You Need to Stop.

Eat 1 Apple After Meal:Why You Need to Stop.

You suffer from recurrent digestive disorders, food allergies, bloating, acid gas or even constipation?

The food combination approach can surely help you.

To digest well, it is important to combine the right foods during a meal.

Not everything is digested at the same time. So when should you eat an apple?

when is the best time to bite into this fruit?

An apple is much easier to digest between meals , at snack time for example. Why ? I'll explain.

Eat 1 Apple After Meal:Why You Need to Stop.

  • 1. Keep eating apples!
  • 2. A matter of digestive enzymes
  • 3. Consequences

1. Keep eating apples!

So when is the best time to eat an apple? Before or after meals? Or in the evening?

But first, let's understand each other. I do not question the benefits of apples.

I don't really want to tell you to stop eating apples or any other fruit.

On the contrary!

I just want to explain to you why it is much healthier for our bodies to eat fruit between meals...

Rather than at the end of a meal for easier digestion!

2. A matter of digestive enzymes

It's very simple actually.

To digest food, our digestive system and in particular our stomach produces specific enzymes .

However, these enzymes cannot be produced at the same time.

Because they need special conditions to activate and allow digestion.

If I eat two foods of a different nature, two enzymes will be needed to digestion.

And one will have to wait until the other has finished acting in order to take effect.

During this time, the pending food will have time to either ferment or putrefy.

As a result, digestion is more difficult.

3. Consequences

If we eat to cause fermentation or putrefaction, it is a waste.

And even worse, since the latter generate poisons in our organism.

Ultimately, and depending on the individual, they can be harmful, if not dangerous!

Know the good food combinations , so it promotes better digestion.

But that's not all. It also helps to avoid unnecessary strain on the digestive system.

Sometimes, it even makes it possible to remove certain allergies.

This is the case when they are actually due to protein "poisoning".

As a result, the nutrient supply will be much greater. It costs nothing to try!

In summary, if you're wondering when to eat an apple during the day, before or after a meal, in the evening or not...

The answer is rather between meals, during the day.

You thus benefit from all the benefits of the apple on your health without risking bad digestion.