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3 tips for sun protection on the slopes

You should also protect yourself from the sun during winter sports. The pale winter skin is exposed to a high dose of UV radiation on the ski slope. Because of the cold, it is often noticed too late that the skin is burning and we are less likely to apply it. Burns increase the risk of skin cancer. That is why we have 3 protection tips for the KWF slopes.

1. Prevent sunburn, especially in children
Severe sunburn in childhood doubles the risk of melanoma, the worst form of skin cancer. Protect the skin by lubricating well, wearing covering clothing and seeking shade where possible (lubricate, change clothes, keep out).

2. Choose a greasy sunscreen
Use a greasy sunscreen with SPF 30 for winter sports. A water-based product—like most summer sunscreens—freezes on the skin in the cold. Winter sports creams therefore contain a lot of fats, which means that they also remain easy to spread at low temperatures. In addition, these creams prevent dehydration of the skin; that happens quickly when it's cold. Don't forget your lips.

3. Repeat the application regularly
Sunscreen disappears from the skin during the day. By putting on and taking off your ski goggles, helmet and hat, you can wipe the cream off your face even faster. Lubricate the skin half an hour before you go outside so that the cream absorbs well. Repeat the application at least every 2 hours.