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Winter in sight? I have 2 Beauty Tips for the Face!

Winter in sight? I have 2 Beauty Tips for the Face!

Winter is coming...

And the probability of seeing the sun pointing the tip of its nose is at its lowest and for a little while.

Be careful, the cold is coming at high speed!

Even if a few rays sometimes bring us a little comfort... It's not enough!

The tanned face is no longer relevant, so we will have to find another solution to keep a radiant complexion. And without spending a penny, because... Christmas is coming!

Fortunately, my beautician gave me her 2 beauty tips for the face.

To have a beautiful complexion in winter, the effective trick is to use an ice cube. Watch:

Winter in sight? I have 2 Beauty Tips for the Face!

1. My ice cube remedy

For clearer facial skin, in the morning when you wake up, place ice cubes in a washcloth and massage your face.

The cold of the ice cubes will invigorate your skin by tightening the pores, in a very natural way.

And what a delicious feeling to wake up gently!

2. My cold shower remedy

Then when you get out of the shower, there's nothing like rinsing your face againwith cold water .

The cold also allows better circulation of the blood, which strengthens the tissues.

Do you find it incredible that I advise you against the cold, to protect yourself... from the cold? I understand. Know that this cold is wet , while the cold outside is dry and aggressive !

Little extra

Don't forget to hydrate your skin well. , before going out. And every evening, apply a night cream, which will continue hydration, and help your skin to regenerate . A good homemade natural cream, there is nothing better to take care of your skin in winter!

Your turn...

And you, how do you fight against the winter cold? I would like you to tell me in comments.