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4 Tips for an Irritation-FREE Shave.

4 Tips for an Irritation-FREE Shave.

There are really very simple and free tips to avoid irritation after shaving.

Here are my beauty tips for smooth, clean skin.

Shaving, for many, is a scourge.

Little pimples, red spots, cuts, if we want to shave well, we have to put our baby's skin through a lot of aggressions.

I apply 4 tips to make my shave pleasant and neat. I reveal them to you today:

4 Tips for an Irritation-FREE Shave.

1. Shaving is ONLY in the morning

I never shave in the evening, because after a day at work or in transport, heaps of impurities have settled on my skin, which is tired and therefore sensitive to aggression.

On the other hand, in the morning, after a good shower, my skin is well softened and hydrated. Now is the time to shave! So remember:clean, hydrated skin is always the key to a great shave.

2. I shave for the first time in the direction of the hair

After having washed my skin well with lukewarm water or with a mild soap (especially avoid paraben!; your pharmacist will be able to help you with that), it's time to move on to the first step of shaving.

On damp skin, I always shave in the direction of the hair growth first, paying close attention to the chin and mustache. It removes half of the hairs and prepares them for a second, more aggressive pass.

3. I go back a second time in the other direction

Once the first pass is finished, I wet a second time my face, and that's where I go the wrong way. My skin is very moist and hydrated, there is never a problem.

If you want to avoid small irritations at the corner of the nose, I advise you to avoid shaving the mustache against the grain. Normally the first pass is enough.

4. I hydrate well

When it's over, I NEVER forget to moisturize my whole face well to soothe razor burn and prevent irritation. I don't really use aftershave, I find that a good moisturizer adapted to my skin is much more effective.

Here again, it is best to ask your pharmacist for advice.

And that's it, with these tips, no more skin irritations :-)

And you, what advice could you give us for a trouble-free shave? Comments are here!