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Preparing your Skin for the Sun:5 Tips for a Natural Tan.

Preparing your Skin for the Sun:5 Tips for a Natural Tan.

Summer is here.

And the sun that burns my skin is there to remind me.

It's time to prepare your skin for the sun, to have a beautiful tanned complexion and avoid sunburn.

With my 5 tips, discover what you need to know to have a beautiful natural tan.

Preparing your Skin for the Sun:5 Tips for a Natural Tan.

  • 1. Regular scrubs
  • 2. Foods containing beta-carotene
  • 3. Hydrate deeply
  • 4. Expose yourself gradually
  • 5. Water, water, water
  • And we avoid...

1. Regular scrubs

Ideal for ridding our epidermis of its dead skin and regaining soft skin.

The idea is to repeat this gesture once a week. Don't worry, you don't need to go to an institute for that, we have a perfect natural and homemade scrub tip for you.

2. Foods containing beta-carotene

This molecule contained in carrots, watermelons, apricots or broccoli gives a healthy glow and allows you to obtain a longer lasting tan. She is your main ally. So head to the market to find all those fresh fruits and vegetables.

3. Hydrate deeply

A few days before exposure to the sun, softening your skin by deeply moisturizing it with an Omega-3 cure is a good reflex. You will find them present in salmon, sardines and tuna, but also in vegetable oils such as walnut or rapeseed oil.

4. Expose yourself gradually

Prepare yourself slowly by exposing yourself to the sun gradually before the long sunbathing of the summer holidays. If we took advantage of the spring sunshine to get our skin used to the sun, this allowed it to secrete melanin, a pigment that protects us from U.V.

Otherwise, the use of sunscreen with a minimum factor of 20 is required, at least during the first days of exposure!

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5. Water, water, water

Before sunbathing, don't forget to drink plenty of water. Sufficient water consumption helps us to avoid sunstroke or sunburn. If the sun is too strong, drinking plenty of water will not be enough, a good hat and protective cream will be essential.

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And we avoid...

Do UV sessions. does not prevent sunburn. This received idea is false and it is the doctors who say it!

It has also been proven that doing UV rays is very dangerous for your health.

Second important thing to know, self-tanners do not protect against the sun either, because they do not make the skin secrete melanin, this protective pigment.

To avoid sunburn, forget the superficial self-tanners that cost more than 5 € in the shops... Prefer a nice natural tan with carrot-colored skin!

Last received idea:food supplements prepare for the sun. These products have the same effect as our carrots except that they are expensive and not natural. The carrot gives the same result.

As you will have understood, today there are many ways to tan artificially, but nothing can replace a natural preparation that is much better for your health and for your wallet...