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Why do we have bad breath in the morning?

Why do we have bad breath in the morning?

Why do we often have bad breath in the morning? The reason is actually simple:less saliva is produced at night. Saliva counteracts bacteria and thus also keeps your breath fresh and your mouth healthy.

At night, much less saliva is produced and therefore bacteria can multiply faster. During the breakdown of proteins, sugars and plaque, among other things, substances are converted into volatile sulfur compounds, which causes bad breath.

What can you do against bad-breath in the morning?

  • Try not to eat an hour before you go to sleep. Residual sugars and proteins feed bacteria.
  • Don't just brush your teeth, but also clean your tongue with a tongue scraper.
  • Drink water or rinse with water when you wake up. Not as effective as brushing your teeth, but research from the University of Amsterdam shows that it makes a significant difference.

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