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16 Tips to Save Time in the Morning.

16 Tips to Save Time in the Morning.

For many people, going to work every morning well fed, dressed and on time is a daily challenge.

A study has shown that women spend about 55 minutes every morning on their appearance.

That's a total of 6h40 per week, compared to 4h50 for men.

So, how to leave home faster? Here are 16 tips that will save you time in the morning.

16 Tips to Save Time in the Morning.

The night before

1. Write down the things you need to do the next day

By planning your day the night before, you will go to bed with peace of mind.

As a result, you'll wake up ready to start the day off right.

Plus, it'll help you get to sleep.

2. Prepare your bag

Don't spend your morning stressing out hoping you haven't forgotten anything.

Pack your bag the night before for peace of mind.

3. Prepare your lunch

Preparing lunch the night before frees up your time in the morning.

It's also good for your wallet. Be aware that eating out every day costs you around €800 per year.

4. Check the weather forecast

Knowing the next day's weather will help you plan your clothes and also anticipate your trip.

For example, if rain or snow is forecast for the next day, you will probably need to leave home earlier.

5. Choose your outfit

You can save a lot of time in the morning if you know in advance what you are going to wear.

Of course, don't plan any ironing for the morning.

6. Go to bed at the same time every night

By falling asleep at the same time every night, you'll wake up more rested and already focused for your day.

Studies have shown that “good sleep is better than more sleep”.

Also try to go to bed before midnight to enjoy a restful sleep.

The morning

7. Don't use your alarm clock's snooze

Each time you press snooze and fall back to sleep, you start a sleep cycle again.

As a direct consequence, you feel even sleepier when you finally manage to get up.

If you get up tired every time, you probably need to go to bed earlier.

8. Stretch

If you don't have time for a full workout, it's worth taking a moment for some simple stretches.

Accelerating your heart rate and eliminating excess toxins from the body is the best way to get out of morning lethargy.

9. Let the sun in

When light hits your eyes in the morning, it affects your brain's circadian rhythm and helps you wake up gently.

Scientific research explains that orange light from the sun and blue light from the sky have a better effect than artificial light from light bulbs.

10. Drink a glass of cold water

A big glass of water to start the day gives your metabolism a boost.

This gives you energy without affecting your digestion.

Some dieticians believe that the energy expended to digest cold water causes this positive reaction.

Even better, add a few drops of lemon juice to the glass of water to reap the benefits of lemon water.

11. Listen to music

Not only does music affect your mood and your energy, but it's also a good way to assess the passage of time.

The trick is to listen to a playlist of a fixed length or listen to a morning show to see if you're on time.

12. Do not use your laptop, computer or TV

If you're trying to save time, don't get carried away by text messages, emails or TV shows.

13. Set a fixed time to leave your home

Picking a set time to leave home is proven to get you to work earlier.

If necessary, program an audible reminder on your mobile.

14. Reduce your “beauty gestures” to the essentials

Ladies, for example, you can save time by using multi-purpose beauty products, like foundation that doubles as concealer.

15. Have a hearty and quick breakfast

For optimal energy, you should eat breakfast.

Foods like cottage cheese, muesli and fruit are nutritious and quick to eat.

16. Store your keys, bags and coats

Don't spend 10 minutes desperately looking for your keys just before leaving.

Get your daily routine in order to save time every morning.