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Why we skip breakfast…

Why we skip breakfast…

A British study shows that half of people regularly skip breakfast. These are the most common reasons to skip breakfast.

I don't have enough time

70 percent say they don't have enough time for breakfast in the morning.

Solution: Get up ten minutes earlier or eat your breakfast on the go.

I'm not hungry in the morning

Many non-breakfasts are really not hungry in the morning.

Solution: Breakfast with something small. It takes some getting used to in the beginning, but you will notice that your appetite increases quickly in the morning.

Why we skip breakfast…

After breakfast I am hungry again soon

Some people consciously skip breakfast, because eating breakfast makes them hungry again during the morning.

Solution: Breakfast anyway. Your digestion still needs to get going in the morning. If you have breakfast at seven in the morning, it is not surprising that you are hungry again in the middle of the morning. Then choose a healthy snack.

I find breakfast boring and not tasty

No less than 80 percent find breakfast boring and not tasty and therefore regularly skip it.

Solution: Breakfast is as bland or delicious as you make it yourself. Try out different breakfasts and discover what you like.