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3 tips against the post-Christmas dip

You've had the Christmas holidays and your legs feel like lead. How do you get out of your lazy chair? Laura Bride gives tips.

1. When there are no temptations, you cannot go wrong. Go through your house and check all products. Are these products going to help you or take you further away from your goals? It is of course no problem to have some goodies at home. As soon as you know that you do not (yet) have the self-control to leave it at one piece, you better make sure that they disappear from sight. You don't have to throw it away, you can certainly make your neighbor or best friend very happy with it.

2. When I miss my workout once, I have all the more trouble going the next time. If I take one slice of pizza, I want at least three more. We all have weak spots, that's perfectly normal. But the trick is to become aware of your own weaknesses. That way you avoid giving in again. Tip:write down your weaknesses and how you felt about them. In this way you can break through patterns.

3. Perhaps the most important of the list:don't be so hard on yourself. Discipline is good and so is being motivated, but don't get too carried away with this. There will come a time when you skip a workout or eat unhealthy foods. We then tend to give in and fall back into old, bad habits. Don't get discouraged and focus on healthy choices for the future.

This is a tip from Laura Bride.

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