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Tip:the Self-care app

Tip:the Self-care app

Useful. From now on you can take the pharmacy with you on a journey with the Self-care app.

When we buy medicines on holiday , the package insert can often cause ambiguity. Now there's a brand new app which contains no fewer than 734 leaflets in Dutch:the Self-care app

The foreign pharmacy
In addition to 734 Dutch package leaflets ., the new Self-care app offers also a lot of information about common health problems during holidays. When complaints arise among Dutch tourists, a quick visit is often made to the local pharmacist

The Self-care app offers the tourist the same advice about possible self-care products that remedy or alleviate a particular health complaint. That immediately makes the choice at the foreign pharmacist easier. The app also provides information about the active ingredient contained in the medicine.

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Prepared for vacation
Of course it is also practical to bring your own medical equipment. Via it explains in great detail what is handy to take with you in the bag when you go on vacation.

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