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Light soda makes you fat

Light soda makes you fat

From light drinks keep you slim? Not really. These thirst quenchers also contribute to extra kilos.

Bad news for people those with light drink thinking to keep their weight in check † The unsweetened drinks do not appear to help with weight loss at all. A study by Texan scientists among 1550 men and women aged 25 to 64 shows that people actually gained weight by drinking light drinks.

Artificial sweeteners
The researchers monitored the subjects for eight years. What turned out? After those eight years, no less than one third had to do with overweight † Of the group of 622 participants with a normal weight at the start of the study, a third were suddenly overweight at the end of the study. These people often appeared to be light drinks to choose.

The outcome of the study was therefore that people who regularly light drink soda are more likely to gain weight than those who regularly consume regular soda eat. With every glass of light drink per day the risk of being overweight increased even by 41 percent.

Oops, coffee can also be a culprit >

Increased appetite
From yet another study, in which young rats were fed a diet of artificial sweeteners were given more calories than the rats fed real sugar.

The explanation for this? When we eat something that is very sweet, but doesn't deliver the 'promised' calories , our body becomes alarmed. So it will start looking for the promised but undelivered calories, which usually results in a hunger attack † Many researchers therefore claim that light drinks greatly stimulate the appetite † So back to the old-fashioned sugar.

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