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The 4 Benefits of Magnesium Chloride During Pregnancy.

The 4 Benefits of Magnesium Chloride During Pregnancy.

It's proven! Magnesium chloride is essential for the smooth running of pregnancy.

A magnesium chloride deficiency promotes a higher risk of prematurity.

It could also be an additional risk factor for sudden infant death syndrome.

It is therefore particularly recommended to make a cure, if you are pregnant. But do you know all its benefits during pregnancy?

The 4 Benefits of Magnesium Chloride During Pregnancy.

1. It relieves night cramps

Pregnant, the nights are not easy! Especially because terrible cramps come to wake you up, especially during the last months of pregnancy.

These involuntary muscle contractions are not serious but very painful. Magnesium chloride can decrease them.

2. It reduces stress and sleep disorders

The two are often linked! The prospect of becoming a mother can be a source of stress.

As a result, you sleep less well. You wake up many times each night and your sleep is less restful.

Magnesium chloride can help you better manage your stress and sleep better.

3. It regulates intestinal transit

Constipation during pregnancy… Which pregnant woman could escape it? The intestinal transit of pregnant women is slowed down.

As a result, pregnancy is often synonymous with constipation.

Magnesium chloride has slightly laxative properties:it can thus promote better transit in expectant mothers.

4. It reduces the pain of contractions

The bane of pregnant women are contractions!

It seems that magnesium chloride can reduce these pains. Will you tell us?


There you go, you now know all the benefits of a magnesium chloride cure during pregnancy :-)

These cures of magnesium chloride during your pregnancy can be spaced throughout your pregnancy.

But plan in particular to make one in the last 3 weeks preceding the presumed date of your delivery.

Attention, before starting this treatment, always ask your doctor for advice during your pregnancy to be sure that there are no contraindications in your particular case.

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Your turn...

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