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6 things you can do today for a good start into the new week

6 things you can do today for a good start into the new week

A good start is half the work. Therefore, use Sunday to prepare a bit for the new week.

1. Do your shopping
Make sure your fridge and kitchen cupboards are well stocked, especially with healthy products.

2. Cook extra extensive Whatever you cook, make at least an extra portion to freeze. When you're busy later this week, you'll have a quick and healthy meal right at your fingertips. Also cut extra vegetables and prepare a few salads in containers, you can take these for lunch.

3. Plan your training sessions
Do you have to register for classes or do you run on your own? It doesn't matter to your schedule. Put in your agenda when you are going to exercise and stick to it, just like with any other appointment that is in your agenda.

4. See what you have to do for the rest of the week
If you have a busy week, make sure to plan a free part of the day to do what you want. Or maybe you still have time off to have dinner with a friend.

5. Change your sheets
Go to bed on time to start the new week fresh. Just showered and under clean sheets that is the best. Don't forget to put on clean pajamas, because recent research shows that women wash their pajamas far too little.

6. relax
To start the new week well, relaxation is important. So don't work up a sweat all Sunday (figuratively), but also take the time to recover from last week and recharge for the week to come.

How do you prefer to start a new week?