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How do you motivate yourself to exercise?

How do you motivate yourself to exercise?

Sport is for other people...

Not at all!

Here's how to get motivated to play sports, easily.

Everyone knows the famous:"I promise Monday I'll get started! »

Very often, we make promises to go to the gym to talk to each other that we abandon 3 months later.

Find yourself a playmate, a friend you can count on to motivate you.

Someone ready to come and pull you off the couch. If you have to go play sports with someone, you will be more assiduous.

And you can end the session with a little relaxing tea, or a good baking soda bath.

At 2, you will find the sport more fun and you will be more motivated.

Savings Achieved

By registering as a couple, you will benefit from the reductions that clubs offer on this type of subscription, on average 15%.

No more sports coaches that will pay a fortune, rely on your partner to make you work.

So you will save by buying for two while benefiting from reductions that you would not have had alone!