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5x more self-love:how do you do that?

5x more self-love:how do you do that?

It sounds so simple:being kind to yourself and loving yourself. But how do you do that?

1. Keep a diary

Keep a journal for a week or two in which you write down which tasks at work, social appointments and home activities made you happy and which took a lot of energy. Check
that period to see if anything stands out, such as a stressful work task that keeps coming back. Perhaps you can delegate it or approach it differently.

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2. Be aware of your inner voice

Be aware of your inner voice. In your head you are constantly having conversations with yourself and they are often critical in tone. You can also write down those kinds of thoughts, to see if certain comments to yourself keep coming back.

3. Pronounce changes

State why you are making certain changes. If you don't like the weekly drinks evenings with a girlfriend anymore because you really need to acclimatize after a busy working day, say so. The chance that someone will understand you then is greater. But remember:if not, you don't have to make any concessions. Focus on what you need.

4. Create space in your head through more movement

Get moving if you're in a worrying cycle that you can't get out of. Taking a walk can make you feel happier (afterwards) and provides more space in your head.

5. You can wallow, but don't get insecure

Are you having an off day? It can be nice to wallow in that, but realize:everyone has a bad day from time to time and that doesn't necessarily mean you're not good at anything.

Self-love expert Merel Teunis

In the October issue of Santé you can read an interview with writer and self-love expert Merel Teunis. She explains how to create more self love. “Look where your time is going. And whether that really makes you happy.”

Text:Sara Madou