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The 3 Best Remedies For Having White Teeth At A Glance.

The 3 Best Remedies For Having White Teeth At A Glance.

Want to have white teeth?

It's true that a sparkling smile is more attractive!

But because of caffeine or cigarettes, the teeth lose their shine and turn yellow...

Fortunately, there are effective grandmother's remedies to regain white teeth quickly.

We have selected for you the 3 best natural treatments to say goodbye to yellow teeth!

All you need is lemon and baking soda. Watch:


The 3 Best Remedies For Having White Teeth At A Glance.

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  • Why do these remedies work?

With this express treatment, you will have white teeth in just one minute.

This is the reflex to have as soon as your teeth lose some of their shine. It couldn't be simpler or faster.

To be done twice a week, in the morning, after brushing your teeth.

How to

1. Cut 1/4 lemon.

2. Rub it against your teeth for a minute.

And that's all ! In one gesture, your teeth regain their whiteness :-)

It is the easiest and most economical treatment to have white teeth.


The 3 Best Remedies For Having White Teeth At A Glance.

Here is a 2 in 1 treatment to have white teeth naturally.

Not only does this solution whiten your teeth...

...but in addition, your gums will be healthier and stronger.

What is essential to have beautiful teeth!

How to

1. Squeeze a lemon juice.

2. Dip your toothbrush in undiluted lemon juice.

3. Brush your teeth with the soaked brush.

4. Gently brush your gums as well.

There you go, your teeth are now whiter.

But in addition, the vitamin C contained in lemon juice strengthens your gums.

Result:they are healthier and your teeth healthier!

And that's not all, because under the action of lemon, the gums redden. And by contrast, your teeth look even whiter.


For this whitening treatment to be effective, it is important not to dilute the lemon juice.

On the other hand, this treatment is powerful and should not be done more than twice a week.

Even if you're tempted to get your teeth whiter faster, don't do it more often.

Why ? Because the acidity of lemon could well damage the enamel of your teeth.


The 3 Best Remedies For Having White Teeth At A Glance.

It is the most complete whitening treatment of the three.

Why ? Because it acts on the whiteness of the teeth, eliminates tartar and freshens the breath.

More than a one-time treatment, it's a real cure for having white teeth in just 1 week.

How to

1. Pour 75 g of baking soda into a small bowl.

2. Squeeze 1/2 lemon.

3. Pour the lemon juice into the bowl. Watch out, it foams!

4. Mix well.

5. Put your usual toothpaste on your toothbrush.

6. Add your mixture on top.

7. Brush your teeth as usual.

And now, your teeth will become whiter again day after day.

No more nasty teeth stains!

In addition, this treatment helps fight against dental tartar and ensures fresh breath all day long.

Do this treatment for 1 week, every morning.

You can follow it for several days without risk for the enamel of your teeth, because the bicarbonate neutralizes the citric acid of the lemon.

Why do these remedies work?

The 3 Best Remedies For Having White Teeth At A Glance.

Thanks to its acidity, lemon has an abrasive power that helps remove deposits on tooth enamel.

The acidity of lemon juice attacks tartar and reduces dental plaque, which helps to make teeth whiter and stronger.

You see, no need to buy whitening toothpaste! These natural home remedies are just as effective and much more economical.