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The cold sore:what is it, how to treat it?

The cold sore:what is it, how to treat it?

A viral infection, the cold sore affects nearly seven million French people. Very annoying, sometimes painful and above all very unsightly, it can fortunately be treated quickly. On the other hand, as a recurrence is possible, adopting a certain lifestyle is recommended.

The cold sore:what is it? What are the symptoms?

The cold sore also called herpes labialis is an infection appearing on the lips which is caused by a virus belonging to the category of Herpes simplex virus or HSV-1. Able to be transmitted from one person to another by direct contact, this contagious disease most often affects the subject during childhood but in a very discreet way. Then it "sleeps" in nerve cells for years before reactivating due to certain factors such as sun exposure, stress, trauma, menstruation or fever.

In principle, the cold sore appears around the lips. It can also manifest directly in the mouth or in other parts of the body depending on the case, even if it is quite rare. Initially, the individual feels tickling, tingling, or a burning sensation at this level. A few days later, things get complicated. Red spots with blisters filled with yellowish fluid develop. Then come the worries of pain and itching. The pimple will then burst and then gradually dry out. He later disappears without a trace.

How to treat a cold sore?

Fortunately, there are a thousand and one solutions to treat a cold sore. From the first tingling, before the manifestation of the infection, wash your mouth and its surroundings with water or antiviral products. Pat dry with paper towels and wash your hands. You can also place an ice pack for about ten minutes. Repeat the operation if necessary.

The cold sore:what is it, how to treat it?

Essential oil enthusiasts, aromatherapy can become an excellent ally. The trick is to mix 9 drops of essential oil of Geranium from Egypt, 2 drops of essential oil of Palmarosa, 3 of essential oil of lemony Litsea and vetiver, 1 of essential oil of lamb's quarters and a little rosehip oil. Three times a day, apply the liquid to the affected area.

Phytotherapy also offers rapid results thanks to the sole use of natural products. For example, use a mixture of 50% water and 50% lemon juice and dab the mixture on the cold sore. Otherwise, take a peeled clove of garlic and place it on the area to be treated as soon as the first symptoms appear. As a gel, witch hazel is also effective:apply to the pimple daily and only once.

Color therapy has also shown conclusive results in the treatment of cold sores. However, it is strongly recommended to adopt this treatment at the first signs. As soon as you see the first blisters appear, place yourself under a green light for 4 minutes then 50 seconds under another red one. If the cold sore has still appeared, in this case, expose yourself to orange light for 4 minutes and blue light for 50 seconds.

In addition, there are of course the drugs that you will find in pharmacies such as transparent patches that are to be placed on the lesion to avoid contamination and reduce the pimple. Antiviral treatments are also frequently prescribed.

Be careful, if you have slightly manipulated the button with your hands, you must wash them well each time. Very contagious, oral herpes can affect the genitals. And at this level the treatment is much more difficult.

How to prevent cold sores? What hygiene rules?

Bothersome and unsightly at the same time, the cold sore can however be avoided thanks to a few gestures. First, avoid prolonged sun exposure as this helps to make it appear. If you want to get a little tan, a total sunblock cream and a lipstick will be required. Also protect yourself against the cold and fatigue. Stress is not recommended and do not forget to perform physical activity. Do not touch your eyes directly with your hands or your contact lenses.

Know that when it comes to cold sores, protecting yourself is important, but you also have to protect others. To avoid transmission, wash your hands as often as possible. The button should not be in direct contact with other people, especially the most fragile such as infants, pregnant women or children. Items such as towels or gloves should not be shared.

Since oral-genital transmission is easy, it is also better to talk to your partner about it before having sex.

Even if the cold sore is a benign disease, it is preferable to protect yourself well, prevent it and treat it as well as possible to avoid the unpleasant symptoms that appear.