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Why should you avoid reheating your coffee in the microwave?

Many people have a reflex to microwave their coffee when it gets cold. However, a study conducted in the 1990s already warned the general public. Indeed, it can have repercussions on health.

Risks for people over 65

For many, a quick morning coffee is the first step of the day. In France, consumption is 5.4 kg on average per year and per inhabitant and 71% of coffee is consumed at home. When we take too long to drink our coffee and it becomes cold, we have the reflex to put it in the microwave to heat it up. Only, here, a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 1994 already estimated that it was not really a good idea.

The US epidemiologists behind this work claim that heating this drink in the microwave is bad for your health,especially for people over 65 . The fact is that the drink is not warmed up entirely, but only on the surface. However, a coffee that has been cold for at least two hours unfortunately sees its milk curdle and thus generate bacteria . Thus, the microwave oven does not kill all the bacteria present. The health of elderly people, with a weaker immune system, could then be impacted.

Why should you avoid reheating your coffee in the microwave?

To be consumed fairly quickly

What about black coffee (without milk)? Scientists believe reheating it in the microwave isn't ideal either. Indeed, black coffee consists of several natural oils which disintegrate quite quickly (after half an hour). Either way, whether it's black coffee or coffee with milk, the best way to drink it is to drink it fairly quickly , ideally after its preparation. In addition, remember that it is generally advisable to reheat food in a traditional oven rather than in a microwave oven.

Remember, however, that coffee is the source of several health benefits and that it would be a shame to do without it. Coffee is high in antioxidants , increases energy, reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes and protects the liver. This drink also helps increase feelings of well-being and maintain brain health. On the other hand, coffee influences sleep due to its high caffeine content . It can also increase the risk of cardiovascular accidents in case of overconsumption.