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This Covid-19 patient discovers her newborn after coming out of a coma

Doctors in Hungary have described a case that they say is fascinating. A woman with Covid-19 did not know she had given birth until a month after giving birth. All the while she was in an induced coma and the doctors were pessimistic about her.

A forty-day artificial coma due to Covid-19

At the end of 2020, Szilvia Bedo-Nagy was 35 weeks pregnant when she tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. After placing herself in solitary confinement, her condition rapidly worsened so much that she was rushed to a hospital in Budapest (Hungary). As Radio Free Europe explains in a video from May 19, 2021, Szilvia Bedo-Nagy gave birth in hospital, but will know about it much later.

It turns out that the future mother had contracted pneumonia. Unable to breathe, she was admitted to intensive care and was placed on a ventilator, then on an artificial lung. After that, the doctors put her in an artificial coma for about forty days. Only, here it is, Szilvia Bedo-Nagy gave birth on the day of her admission to the hospital, of a child who was born by cesarean section. The mother will learn about her delivery only a month later, after waking up.

This Covid-19 patient discovers her newborn after coming out of a coma

A real miracle according to doctors

Szilvia Bedo-Nagy's husband took care of their daughter without really knowing if his wife would survive or not. It must be said that the doctors were very pessimistic about the sequence of events. Hungary has the highest death rate in the world per 100,000 inhabitants with regard to Covid-19 patients. In addition, up to 80% of patients placed on a ventilator do not survive. Nevertheless, Szilvia Bedo-Nagy finally came to her senses against all odds. Logically disoriented when she woke up, she was trying to find out when she had given birth.

Doctors believe that Szilvia Bedo-Nagy is a miracle. According to them, when the oxygen supply to vital organs is not sufficient, the artificial lung is the only solution that can save a patient's life. The experts also claimed that the remission of such a complex case was a first in Central Europe . Today, the mother and her little family are doing very well. On the other hand, she still has difficulty walking and has to use crutches because of her bedsores, those sores caused by prolonged immobilization.