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This is how you eat your headache away

This is how you eat your headache away

Hey, headache. Whining, popping, beating or present in the background. Nobody is waiting for it. This food (and drink) could help in the fight against the pain.

Provided:if you have really hefty headaches that you can't attribute to your (upcoming) menstruation or if you don't drink enough water for a day, then you would of course do well to look for a cause. Your doctor can help you further. For all those other headache customers:this is how you eat your headache away. Combining something with the useful with the pleasant!

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Headaches are often accompanied by a feeling of nausea. Ginger is ideal for a sick, nauseous feeling. Toss a tuber into the glass of boiled water or nibble on a ginger biscuit. By the way, there are studies that show that ginger can even help prevent a migraine attack. Worth the try.


Sometimes it feels like you're 'just not having your day', but in reality you (also) suffer from low blood sugar. Take advantage – all day long! – from beans and lentils, for example. Your body absorbs the carbohydrates from this in a dosed manner, so that you are assured of a stable level throughout the day. Not a fan of beans or lentils? A bowl of oatmeal porridge is also possible.

Not a greasy bite

Yes, difficult. Precisely if you feel very sorry for yourself, that home delivery order is quickly made. But do yourself and your head a favor and skip fatty foods when you have a headache. Eating fatty foods increases the amount of blood fats in your body. And these are in turn associated with causing and exacerbating pain in the head. Still in need of something greasy? Prepare yourself a piece of fish. Grab your the good kind along.


In the category:we already knew of course. But just to be sure, it's worth mentioning:drink enough water. If you find tap water boring after a while, you can safely mix in some syrup. Or treat yourself to a glass of pineapple juice. But leave those coffees and cocktails alone for once. They actually extract moisture and no head is waiting for that.