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What a little extra sleep can do

What a little extra sleep can do

A good night's sleep can do a lot of good for your health. Even a little extra sleep can go a long way. And that's exactly what you need in these tough times!

If you manage to get an extra 43 minutes of sleep per night, that can mean a lot for your health.

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That's according to new research from Pennsylvania State University. For the study, 53 college students were sent for an experiment. Their blood pressure, heart rate and other values ​​were measured beforehand. They were given a smartwatch to record their sleep patterns.

Extra hour of sleep

The experiment lasted for two weeks and they were asked to maintain their normal sleep pattern during the first week, but they were asked to try to get at least six hours of sleep a night. In the second week she was asked to try to get an hour of sleep.

It was difficult for most students to get that one extra hour of sleep. Two thirds of the participants manage to sleep an average of 43 minutes longer.

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Blood pressure

But those 43 minutes of extra sleep made a lot of difference! The students felt fitter, more energetic and positive, and their blood pressure was also much better.

Researcher Professor Anne-Marie Chang was pleasantly surprised with the result. She had expected that a longer night's sleep would have an effect on energy levels and your mood, but she did not expect that your blood pressure would also be better.