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What can you do about hemorrhoids?

What can you do about hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids, not a sexy ailment. In addition, it is annoying and it can sometimes be quite painful. What can you do to prevent hemorrhoids and promote healing.

1. Ensure a good bowel movement

Drink enough water, eat enough fiber and get enough exercise. These three things promote bowel movements.

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2. Go to the toilet as soon as you feel the urge

Don't hold back, but go as soon as you have to.

3. Do not press too hard

Straining hard can cause or worsen hemorrhoids. Try to relax your pelvic floor. The ideal position to defecate is squatting. Now you may not find that ideal in the toilet. Do not sit upright, but rather slump slightly. Or put your feet on a stool.

4. Visit the drugstore or pharmacy

There are various remedies for sale at the drugstore and pharmacy. From suppositories to creams that provide local anesthetics and counteract the itching.

5. Visit the doctor if the hemorrhoids are persistent

If you suffer from hemorrhoids and/or the medicines that are available over the counter do not help, you can visit your doctor. The doctor can prescribe other medicines and possibly refer you for a minor procedure to get rid of your hemorrhoids.

6. Emergency solution

Suffering from an external hemorrhoid while the shops are closed? It is sometimes advised to spray nasal spray on it. This tip is shared a lot, especially on pregnancy forums. Worth a try?

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