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What can you do to prevent cavities?

What can you do to prevent cavities?

Good oral care is most important to prevent cavities (caries). Read on and find out what you can do.

– Brush your teeth twice a day. It is important that you do this properly, otherwise it will have no effect.
– Also use toothpicks, brushes or floss and mouthwash.
– In addition, it is best to visit the dentist and dental hygienist regularly, they can advise on the optimal oral care for you.
– Try to eat/drink as little sugar as possible and limit the number of eating moments where your teeth are exposed to sugar.

Before it's too late… Cavities do not appear overnight. It all starts with the bacteria in dental plaque. Between brushings, bad bacteria multiply with sugar. Sugar acids are created that can affect your enamel. In the initial stage, you can still prevent the development of caries. That is why it is so important to take good care of your teeth.

What can you do to prevent cavities? Innovation of Elmex
Elmex has conducted clinical research for eight years and releases Elmex Anti-caries Professional. A toothpaste that directly tackles the sugar acids, before they can affect your tooth enamel. Of course, the toothpaste also contains fluoride, as you are used to from toothpaste.

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