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How can I boost my immune system?

How can I boost my immune system? Hygiene of life, homeopathy, essential oils, herbal teas, food supplements… Instructions for an "antivirus" life "which strengthens our immune defenses.

"Everything contributes to weakening our immune system", explains Alain Robert, Doctor of Pharmacy specializing in homeopathy, herbal medicine and aromatherapy.

"The cold and humidity contribute to the resurgence of viruses and bacteria; the lack of sunlight leads to vitamin D deficiency and the seasonal depression associated with it. To make matters worse, there is jostling in shopping centres, doctor's office, hospital emergencies, where all the viruses incubate", describes the author of the Practical Guide to Homeopathy , recently published by Marie-Claire editions.

Good news:alternative medicine offers a rich palette of tricks and simple gestures to fetish the body against this great microbial bath.

Common sense in the kitchen

Food remains our primary medicine, and the simplest too, provided we use common sense.

Fresh fruits and vegetables, quality fish and meat… eat a bit of everything without forgetting to treat yourself. Favor aromatics which, in addition to trace elements and vitamins, provide phyto-chemical compounds (sulphur derivatives, flavonoids, anthocyanins and other antioxidant super molecules) all beneficial for our immunity.

Weapon of massive destruction of bacteria:garlic. Like turmeric, you can put it everywhere!

Alain Robert's tip:prepare your dishes by crushing the peeled raw garlic cloves with a knife. Let stand 6-8 minutes before using. Garlic will thus produce in abundance its famous antiseptic and anti-cancer molecules.

A good, easy and inexpensive plan:the miracle broth of our grandmothers:in a Dutch oven, simmer for two hours the chicken carcass, garlic, onion, parsley, carrot, parsley, thyme, rosemary, bay leaf… To sip as you like dinner or as a single Sunday diet.

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"A soup is like a decoction. You hydrate and fill up with extra vitamins" enthuses Alain Robert. Are you bothered by the smell of garlic? Chew on a sprig of fresh parsley or a coffee bean to restore fresh breath.

Take care of your intestinal flora

Unexpectedly, this is where most of our immune system is located.

"An inflamed intestine is distended and no longer plays its role as a filter. It allows bacteria, heavy metals and other large polluting molecules to pass through which attack and disrupt our immune system", explains Alain Robert.

Not to mention that a weakened intestinal flora poorly fixes vitamins and trace elements, aggravating the body's difficulty in defending itself.

Solution:eat better, chew your food well, drink enough water. As a boost, glutamine capsules, an amino acid, help calm inflammation in the digestive tract while nourishing the cells of the intestine. Once they have recovered their Olympic form, these "enterocytes" once again fulfill their role as a barrier.

Another super anti-inflammatory, curcumin (extracted from turmeric), which resolders the cells of the intestines in addition. Its assimilation is optimal when it is coupled with the molecule of resveratrol, a super antioxidant, or with quercetin, another vegetable flavonoid. Associations offered by the Curcumin or Flavocurcumin formulas.

Once our intestinal mucosa is in better condition, our flora (microbiota) grows better. It is recommended to reseed the latter from time to time with a course of well-chosen probiotics in sufficient quantity. Example:The Yerbaflore cocktail mixes 8 strains with distinct roles. Lactibiane Défense and Lactibiane H-Py respectively strengthen the immune system and the intestinal mucosa. Manual ? 3 weeks of treatment, followed by a week off, to be repeated throughout the winter.

Stimulate your antibodies

In addition to the traditional cocktail of vitamin C and trace elements, Purple Echinacea (also Purpurea, in Latin, the most concentrated in immuno-stimulating principles) acts on innate immunity and acquired immunity.

It helps the body to open its broad-spectrum shield against aggressors and foreign bodies while stimulating the production of specific antibodies against bacteria.

"Mixed with vitamin C, it reduces the risk of catching a cold by 88%," notes Alain Robert. Make sure you always take short breaks - a few days without any supplements - so as not to overheat the body.

Fight germs with essential oils

Used wisely, essential oils are powerful protective and preventive agents. Not recommended for pregnant women, epileptics or in cases of allergic or asthmatic conditions, they should be administered with caution to children.

Alain Robert's magic formula? Rub your forearms once a day with a blend of pure essential oils of SARO, eucalyptus radiata and tea tree. For children, simply dilute the mix in a neutral vegetable oil. If disparaging remarks from classmates about the smell of plants, go for the evening ritual.

In diffusion, the essential oils of eucalyptus radiata and tea tree (tea tree) clean the air – but avoid that the children are in the room. You can burn eucalyptus or sage leaves in an incense burner, or boil them and then let the vapors purify the house.

Antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral, essential oils to be ingested are also effective against viruses, unlike antibiotics, but also on the flu and angina.

Dilute one or two drops in a teaspoon of olive oil or honey, to consume during the meal so as not to irritate the mucous membranes. You can also soak it in sugar or a little breadcrumb.

The stars of winter:tea tree, lemon (effective and inexpensive), thujanol thyme (a little more expensive) and eucalyptus radiata. More aggressive, cinnamon, savory and oregano, will rather be taken in capsules.

Finally, avoid the entry of microbes and viruses through the air by cleaning the nose regularly with sea water or physiological saline. At the same time, you eliminate the allergens attached to the hairs of the nostrils:moulds, pollens and other dusts which promote the triggering of the allergic component of rhinitis.

Strengthening the field through homeopathy

In prevention, take one dose per week of Influenzinum in 9CH (its formula is made from the vaccine of the year) the first month, then one dose per month until the end of winter.

Combine it with a dose of Thimulin 9CH, at the same frequency but programmed on a different day of the week.

Fragile intestines? Avoid gastroenteritis with a dose of Serum of Yersin in 9CH, every 15 days alternating with a dose of Aviaire 9CH, also every other week. The children will take 3 granules of Echinacea in 5CH every morning.

And if you are already sick*?

Being well hydrated allows the body to fight better. Opt for herbal teas made from respiratory antiseptic plants:eucalyptus, pine, thyme, wild thyme, hyssop, lavender and peppermint. Choose them preferably organic or controlled (with an analysis report in accordance with the French pharmacopoeia, even stricter than organic). In special children's herbal tea:eucalyptus, thyme, savory, rosemary, hyssop, lavender work wonders.

In case of a wet cough, sip an infusion of Erysimum or licorice (anti-inflammatory and fluidifying). To treat dry coughs, prefer drinks based on wild pansy, thyme, horehound, poppy flower, white broth. 2 or 3 drops of tee tree or eucalytus radiata essential oil on the pillow will help clear a stuffy nose.

Fever, joint pain, body aches? Combine essential oil of oregano (2 capsules three times a day) + friction from head to toe with a homemade mixture (15 ml of mixture with equal quantity of ravinsara, lemon eucalyptus, and rosemary with cineole, emphasizing the bronchi and aching joints).

This is called aromatic embalming! The first night, expect a good sweat; take paracetamol if the fever is high. Stay hydrated with herbal teas. In 72 hours, you are on your feet.

*The information given in this article does not serve as a medical prescription, it remains data for informational purposes. It is necessary to consult a doctor registered with the National Council of the Order of Physicians at the slightest symptom and before any treatment.