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What to pack in your first aid kit this summer

What to pack in your first aid kit this summer Summer is the season of all dangers. No need to stuff your suitcase with heaps of medicine. Against sunburn, intestinal disorders, wounds and strains, we only take the essentials.

Adhesive plasters, sterile compresses, water-resistant dressings , physiological serum pods and single-dose disinfectants should form the basis of your first aid kit. If you are undergoing long-term treatment, don't forget to also bring your prescriptions, in case you lose your luggage or if your medication does not tolerate the heat well.

And in case of severe allergy (food or wasp stings for example), an adrenaline pen is also essential so that the summer break does not turn into a nightmare.

What first aid products to take on vacation?

  • Essential oil of lavender

A veritable Swiss army knife of aromatherapy, the essential oil of lavender officinalis is essential to curb many sores. Thanks to its richness in active ingredients, it is indeed antiseptic, painkiller and healing . It is thus effective against cramps, strains and small cuts.

Apply one to two pure drops to the lesion three to five times a day. It also alleviates headaches:massage three drops into the neck and temples, twice a day. And in case of sunburn, once the burn has been cooled and washed with a cold infusion of chamomile, it prevents infection and accelerates healing:three drops added to a spoonful of sweet almond oil, applied as a compress to the wound.

  • A calendula cream

Also called marigold, this Mediterranean plant has more than one trick up its sleeve. Its orange flowers notably contain faradiol esters with antiseptic, softening and anti-inflammatory properties . And since calendula also promotes the regeneration of skin tissue, it is ideal for relieving skin irritated by sand, camping dust and sea salt. In cream form, it also soothes summer urticaria (solar lucite ).

  • Paracetamol
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This painkiller is the must-have for vacation first aid kits. It should certainly not be abused (never more than 3 grams per day for an adult and 60 mg per kilo and per day for children), but it is very useful in the event of painful periods, body aches or sudden bouts of fever. . Particularly useful in countries with poor hygiene.

  • Ultra-ventilated green clay

It is the most relevant natural solution to stop turista (or travellers' diarrhea). In the evening, dilute a teaspoon of green clay in a glass of water, leave to stand overnight and drink the mixture in the morning on an empty stomach. To rehydrate yourself and reduce the intestinal spasms often associated with colitis, swallow at least three cups of lemon balm tea during the day. But in case of fever or vomiting, or if diarrhea persists for more than 48 hours, consult a doctor.

What precautions should you take when traveling abroad?

If you are going to Switzerland or to a country in the European Union, bring a European Health Insurance Card. To obtain it, you must request it at least two weeks in advance from your social security fund or online ( You may therefore be exempted from having to advance certain medical expenses in the event of problems on the spot.

On the other hand, if your destination is further away, you will have to untie your purse strings. Only urgent care can be reimbursed by Social Security on your return, provided you present an invoice and this within the limit of the French flat rates.

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