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The professor who showed off his erection in the middle of a urology conference

Giles Skey Brindley is a physiologist partly known for his contributions in the fight against erectile dysfunction. He is also known for something else. One day in 1983, he was giving a lecture on urology that no one would forget for decades.

The American Urological Association is an American association dedicated to promoting the highest standards in urological clinical care. Regularly, dozens of professionals gather for conferences.

All of these doctors are naturally used to seeing and handling penises with all sorts of medical issues. To shock a urologist so much that they remember it all their life, then, you have to do something really special and/or misguided. In 1983 in Las Vegas, Dr. Giles Brindley did both while demonstrating his new treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Erection penis

A conference attendee, Laurence Klotz of the University of Toronto, had passed Dr. Brindley in the elevator just before the conference. The doctor was carrying a box of slides showing what appeared to be multiple erections and was wearing casual clothes. Sure enough, he arrived on stage soon after, still in his blue tracksuit.

Dr. Brindley began by showing his colleagues his slides. At the same time, he detailed his hypothesis that the injection of vasoactive agents could cause an erection. Having no suitable animal model available, he explained that he had followed the self-test route . During his experiments, the doctor had actually injected himself with various agents into his penis. Among them were papaverine phenoxybenzamine (a derivative of opium) and phentolamine.

From their seats, his colleagues could then enjoy before/after photos of his flaccid and erect penis. However, this was only a preamble.

The professor who showed off his erection in the middle of a urology conference

The pants on the ankles

"The professor wanted to present his argument in the most convincing style possible “, Laurence Klotz would later write in an article where he remembers the conference. "So he had injected himself with papaverine in his hotel room before coming to give the talk and deliberately wore loose clothing to allow the results to be shown off. He then walked around the podium and tightened his pants around his genitals in an attempt to demonstrate his erection. "

The crowd was understandably surprised, but Dr. Brindley, disappointed by the bulge, decided to go even further by dropping his pants and boxers downright, "revealing a long, thin and clearly erect penis “, can we read in the same article. The room, according to Klotz, was as shocked as you might expect. "He then says, gravely:I would like to give some of the audience the opportunity to confirm the degree of tumescence “.

Dr. Brindley then waddled to the front, his pants around his ankles, but soon several people in the front row started screaming. He then suddenly became aware of the situation, abruptly pulled up his pants and immediately ended the conference.

Cheeky, isn't it?