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Why urinating shortly after ejaculation is often painful?

Urinating within minutes of ejaculation often causes a very uncomfortable burning sensation in men. The pain concerns the urethra and sometimes extends to the bladder. It occurs in healthy patients – regardless of STIs or other – and disappears after a few tens of minutes. But what is it due to?

For women, it is highly recommended to urinate after sex. This is to eliminate microbes and germs acquired during the act and avoid a possible urinary tract infection. A natural cleanse which can be prepared by drinking a large glass of water beforehand.

For men, going to urinate shortly after ejaculation is rather to be avoided . Indeed, this gesture can lead to an inflammation of the urethra – which is accompanied by very uncomfortable burning sensations. Also, a simple washing of the glans and the foreskin with water is sufficient. The goal is to avoid transmission of germs to the partner during subsequent intercourse.

Transient inflammation of the urethra

The urge is sometimes great to urinate after sex or a masturbation session. However, men know it:peeing shortly after ejaculating is often painful .

Ailment occurs at the time of urination or very soon after. A feeling of burning appears between the middle of the penis and the urinary meatus. Lively and uncomfortable, it can persist for a few tens of minutes before gradually diminishing. This is a normal phenomenon. which translates transient inflammation of the urethra. But what is the latter due to?

Why urinating shortly after ejaculation is often painful?

In its most basic form, it results from fact that during ejaculation, the sperm sweeps the protective layer of mucus that lines the walls of the urethral canal. This mucus is secreted by small glands – called Littré's glands – and protects the mucous membranes from the slightly acidic pH of urine.

However, when urine flows shortly after the passage of the semen, this protection is no longer present. Also, the mucous membranes are directly exposed to an acidic environment and undergo inflammation. The irritation persists until a sufficient deposit of mucus has been reformed by the peri or extra-epithelial glands.

Urinate before sex to avoid discomfort

In some cases, the pain may travel up to the bladder. Indeed, during the sexual act, the valve of the organ is contracted so as to block the passage of urine. Getting down to the evacuation of the latter too quickly can then cause discomfort due to the fact that the bladder is not in an optimal mode of urination.

For these reasons, it is recommended to wait 15 to 20 minutes after the act before going to urinate. Depending on the sensitivity of each, this delay may be longer or shorter. Finally, contrary to what is recommended for women, the best is still to do your shopping before.

Note that if the burning sensation persists or if it is accompanied by other symptoms - fever, stomach pain, etc. – you should go to a health professional . Indeed, it could be an infection requiring appropriate treatment.


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