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How to Burn More Calories While Walking

Whether you're heading out for a walk with the kids, a romantic stroll with your partner, or a challenging hike alone, make the most of it. Walking can be an easy way to get in shape, lose weight and improve your overall fitness. Learn here how to burn more calories while walking.

How many calories does walking burn?
How many calories you burn while walking depends on several factors, including speed, duration and weight, as well as the difficulty of the terrain where you will be walking. A brisk walk can burn as many calories as a run for the same distance – good news if you're not a fan of jogging but still want to enjoy the benefits of some outdoor exercise.

Can I lose weight by walking?
Can Walking Help You Lose Weight? In short, yes – losing weight by walking is possible! By adopting the right technique and setting yourself challenging goals, walking can help you get in shape, burn fat and improve your overall fitness. In short, it is an effective workout for the whole body. If you are an avid walker and walk regularly, you may have already noticed the difference in your body.


Try walking for 30 minutes five days a week and remember to pick up the pace to maximize weight loss.

Burn more calories while walking
How can I burn more calories by walking? Here we highlight the proper techniques, running posture and equipment you can use to reap the real benefits from your walk.

Walking technique

Stand up straight: a correct walking posture ensures that your back muscles and glutes work together more powerfully and create a push-off effect. A good rule for staying upright is to keep your ears and shoulders in line with your hips.

Show your soles: understanding the correct position of your foot is also an ideal way to burn more calories while walking. When you reach the ball of your foot, with each step, show the people behind you the sole of your shoe. This is a good running technique that involves the calf muscles, hamstrings and glutes. The more muscles you use, the more calories you burn by walking.

Use your arms: this not only increases your running speed, but also turns your walk into a full-body workout, expending more calories. Swing vigorously with your arms bent at the elbow to 90 degrees. Swinging your arms off the shoulder can be an effective way to pull yourself forward and engage more muscle groups during your walk.

Wear the right shoes: you need power when you push off; this means your shoe should have flexibility and support for the front of your foot. Invest in a pair of hiking boots that provide good support for your feet and ankles.


Increasing your speed is a good way to burn more calories while walking by taking shorter but faster steps. Maybe invest in a heart rate monitor. This way you can see if your heart rate is dropping, which will motivate you to accelerate and maintain a consistent pace. Using your arms is very important in speed walking – they will help you go faster, maintain your balance and they will also tighten as a result of the extra movement.

Walking sticks

Walking with poles not only helps your speed and technique, but it can also improve your walking posture. On average, 20 percent more calories are burned while walking with poles. They provide more support, increase speed increase and increase safety.