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8 special facts about water that you probably didn't know yet

8 special facts about water that you probably didn t know yet

Nice, a glass of water on a hot day. But do you actually know how important the transparent stuff is to us? Read 8 special facts about water here!

A glass of water that you drink now will only really disappear from your body in a week

You don't pee out all the water you drink anyway, because you also lose a lot through sweating and exhalation.

Coffee, alcohol, soft drinks and black tea do not count towards your fluid intake.

So stick to a simple glass of water!

Lukewarm or warm water, for example in the form of green tea, is better for your digestion than cold water.

Even, or perhaps especially, when it is warm outside. If you drink cold water, your body has to put a lot of energy into heating this water.

Tap water is 30 to 1300 times better than bottled water when it comes to environmental impact

This is mainly because no packaging is required. Producing, transporting, purifying and processing all packaging costs a lot of energy.

It is better for your body not to wait to drink until you are thirsty, but to drink enough water at regular intervals throughout the day.

So always keep a glass or bottle of water near you.

If you get a headache, have dark urine, or are retaining fluids, it could mean you're not drinking enough.

And is this an extra reason to pay more attention to your fluid intake!

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You produce less stool if you drink too little

Constipation can be an indication of a fluid deficiency.

Extra fun fact

A recent study among athletes showed that there is already a noticeable negative effect on their performance if they lose more than 2 percent of their body water. Muscles are mostly made up of water. so actually that's very logical.

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