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This is how short you should sit on the toilet

This is how short you should sit on the toilet

Sometimes you need some time for yourself and secretly the toilet is a great place to retreat. Still, it might not be the best place to sit for a long time.

Just scroll on your phone and it's ten minutes later. Actually using the toilet shouldn't take that long. Research shows that you should deliver a large message in 12 seconds. “In the wild” defecating quickly means a greater chance of survival. Feces spreads an odor and that can attract enemies.

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You should really only go to the toilet when you feel the urge. Don't put it off at that point. An often heard advice is also not to sit on the toilet for too long. Relaxing the anus in combination with the pressure on your rectum can cause hemorrhoids or aggravate hemorrhoids.


People who read on the toilet are more likely to suffer from hemorrhoids. Not all studies on this subject are unequivocal. Does sitting longer on the toilet increase the risk of hemorrhoids? Or do people with hemorrhoids spend longer on the toilet on average because they have difficulty with bowel movements?