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6 Things You Didn't Know About Stevia

6 Things You Didn t Know About Stevia

Stevia is a natural sugar substitute. There is even a Stevia-sweetened version of Coke. Here are six things you didn't know about Stevia.

Stevia comes from a plant The sugar substitute Stevia comes from a plant, the Stevia rebaudiana. The plant grows in Brazil and Paraguay, where it has been used for years to sweeten food and to soothe burnt skin and stomach complaints.

The Stevia you buy in the store is not necessarily natural
Although Stevia comes from a plant, not all supermarket varieties are completely natural.

Stevia is much sweeter than sugar Stevia is about 200 times sweeter than sugar. That is why you only need a small amount.

During baking you can use Stevia instead of sugar
The tricky part is that it is difficult to determine how much Stevia you need. In general, one tablespoon of sugar equals about 1.25 teaspoons of Stevia. Something to keep in mind:Stevia does not caramelize.

For some people, Stevia tastes bitter
Do you find Stevia a bit bitter? That's in your genes. Research shows that 40 percent think that Stevia tastes a bit bitter in addition to being sweet. 7.5 percent find Stevia very bitter. That difference is fixed in your genes.

You will not lose weight from Stevia Although Stevia is a natural substitute for sugar, it does not mean that you will lose weight. Little research has been done into the positive and negative health effects of Stevia,

Do you use Stevia?