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3 Truths You Should Know About Bag Salad.

3 Truths You Should Know About Bag Salad.

Big bag salad lovers, 4th range product, beware!

You will certainly not save money and your health will certainly suffer.

Between the salad in a bag and the salad from the market, there is only one step.

4th range products are selling better and better. But a report published by INRA caught my attention slightly.

Here are the 3 truths you need to know about bagged salads:

3 Truths You Should Know About Bag Salad.

1. A dubious industrial wash

To kill bacteria, the big brands use not very Catholic methods.

Our bagged salads are mostly washed in lightly bleached or chlorine-containing baths.

To kill bacteria they say. Personally, it doesn't tell me anything worthwhile.

Whether during washing or with the inert gas used for preservation in a bag, this type of treatment is totally oxidizing.

What does it mean ? This means that it promotes the premature aging of our cells and the development of certain well-known diseases such as cancer.

2. Deficient salads

You have surely noticed that a very fresh salad is always much better in taste than a bagged salad.

Oh and then that smell when you open the bag, I can't take it anymore.

Bag salads are sorely lacking in vitamins. In particular vitamins B9 (folic acid) and C:two essential vitamins that can be found in large quantities in a good garden salad, as well as fiber and minerals.

The bagged salads contain mainly white leaves, cores, and roots.

This is what makes them crunchy, but the greenest leaves of our salads are those that are richest in essential nutrients.

3. The only advantage of bagged salads

The main selling point of these 4th range salads is that they are a huge time saver by saving us the (supposedly endless) steps of peeling, washing and spinning fresh salads. /P>

For me, it's not a chore and it takes me maximum 5 min. You just have to make the effort to use your hands a little from time to time! We also have a tip on how to wash a salad easily here.

By laziness, it would be wiser to eat badly? I remain skeptical.

Especially since many health sites recommend that we systematically wash our bagged salads.

So hey, I don't really see the advantage of buying one anymore, right? And honestly, these salads spoil very quickly.


I therefore greatly prefer to buy a small fresh salad (preferably organic) from time to time, rich in taste and nutrients.

What if I have to wash it alone? I take out my friend the white vinegar and presto, a quick cleaning to kill bacteria and remove as many pesticides as possible, and voila. It's not that complicated.

Same PRICE question, there is no photo, the fresh salads are unbeatable.

Savings achieved

As for the price of bagged salads, it is exorbitant compared to fresh salads (even organic).

The price of salads in bags can vary between €6 per kilo for the cheapest on the market and €25/kg.

A fresh salad costs around €1.30 and its average weight is 340 grams. Which per kilo roughly amounts to €3.80 per kilo.

Buying a fresh salad rather than a bagged salad will therefore save you at least €2 per kilo purchased depending on the brand of salad usually purchased in a bag.