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3 Natural Methods to Relieve a Sunburn.

3 Natural Methods to Relieve a Sunburn.

If you start your vacation at the beach, you might as well know how to relieve a blow of Sun.

The sun does us good, in moderation.

For abuse, there are solutions, follow me.

With the weather in Paris, we can only hope for the southern sun.

3 Natural Methods to Relieve a Sunburn.

It is present, of course, with its UV index, which is just waiting for our very white skin to make us as red as tomatoes.

After waiting for the sun for months, when I arrived in Biarritz last week, I threw myself on the beach, and even fell asleep under this very pleasant heat.

How well I was...

And then, bump! I wake up, and there I see the traces of my shorts and my tank top on the body. Suffice to say that it was far from pretty but above all, it hurt like hell.

3 Methods to Naturally Relieve Sunburn

1. Plain Yogurt

As good to eat as it is to brush on the skin, natural yogurt can relieve you effectively. For that, nothing could be simpler:I brush myself abundantly with natural yogurt on the heated parts. I let the skin soak up the yogurt for 1/4 hour and I rinse. Otherwise, you can also try lemon juice to soothe the redness. Cut a lemon in half and sprinkle the juice on sunburns, plus it's very good for the skin.

2. A Good Tomato

Not to throw her on stage at the next failed show you might see this weekend. Rather to baste you with. It's very simple:I cut a tomato in half and rub on the sunburnt parts.

3. Vinegar

Whether white or red, vinegar is a formidable ingredient for chasing away the sensations of heat on the skin after a sunburn. I take a cloth that I soak abundantly in vinegar and I pass it over the sunburn. Yes, after that, I can smell vinegar from miles away, but before rinsing off, I have to wait a bit for my skin to absorb enough of it.

Finally, after these 3 methods to relieve a sunburn, I would add that you should always hydrate well then the skin. The sun greatly dries out the skin and accelerates its aging. To find a very soft skin, it is therefore necessary to put a lot of moisturizer afterwards. Good tanning session, and last advice:never between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m. , that's where the sun doesn't miss you!

Have you ever tried these little tricks to soothe redness? Do you have others to suggest to us? Tell me in your comments.