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3 Grandma's Remedies For INDIGESTION.

3 Grandma s Remedies For INDIGESTION.

Are you looking for an effective remedy for difficult digestion?

Dismissals, burps, bloating, flatulence, cramps, heaviness... it's true that it ruins life!

And during these festive periods, bad digestion can quickly happen.

But no need to buy drugs like Maalox to regain light digestion after meals.

Fortunately, there are 3 effective home remedies to prevent and treat difficult digestion problems! Watch:


3 Grandma s Remedies For INDIGESTION.

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You probably know this old saying:prevention is better than cure.

Is your digestion usually difficult? Do you have trouble digesting certain foods?

Or are you planning to make a rich meal? So act before it hurts!

This natural remedy is ideal to prevent you from having problems with digestion and to facilitate it.

No need to suffer or have a stomach ache! Here's what you need to take to digest well:


- water

- cider vinegar

- honey

How to

Prepare a glass of water and pour two teaspoons of vinegar into it.

Mix and drink your treatment 30 minutes before each meal.

If the taste of vinegar is too sour for you, add a dash of honey.

And that's it, with this simple and effective remedy, your digestion will improve quickly.

No more digestive troubles after every meal!

Precaution: if you have diabetes, watch your weight, or have heartburn, take this remedy DURING meals , and not before.


3 Grandma s Remedies For INDIGESTION.

Heartburn, spasms, rising, gagging, even nausea...

Do you feel the first signs of heaviness typical of poor digestion?

Do not panic ! Don't wait to relieve difficult digestion.


- water

- sugar

- cider vinegar

- baking soda

How to

Prepare 1/2 glass of water. Add 1/2 tsp baking soda, 1/2 tsp sugar, 1 tsp vinegar.

Drink your remedy while it fizzes.

If ever your stomach ache is accompanied by a headache, simply add an aspirin to your remedy to relieve your migraine. Two-in-one effect!

And if you don't have vinegar, that's okay. You can replace it with lemon juice.


3 Grandma s Remedies For INDIGESTION.

You have passed the milestone of difficult digestion. Alas... you have to deal with indigestion?

It happens when you overindulge or eat heavy, greasy foods, especially during the holidays!

But do not worry. Again, apple cider vinegar will heal and relieve you quickly.

To cure food indigestion, prepare a remedy with vinegar and green tea.


- boiling water

- cider vinegar

- green tea

- strainer

How to

To prepare your digestive drink, start by heating some water.

Meanwhile, put a teaspoon of vinegar and a teaspoon of green tea in a cup.

Pour boiling water over it to fill the cup. Let your mixture steep for 5 minutes. Then filter with a colander.

Drink a dose of this remedy. Start again after one hour then renew the treatment one hour later.

In total, you take 3 doses, 1 hour apart each.

At the end of these three hours, you will feel much better.

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Why does it work?

- Apple cider vinegar is renowned for its medicinal virtues and in particular for treating digestive problems.

It contains a high rate of potassium, which is important for maintaining the acid-base balance of the body. It is also rich in phosphorus and mineral salts.

Thus, it speeds up digestion, burns hard-to-digest fats and destroys the bacteria responsible for food poisoning.

It stimulates digestion and helps renew the intestinal flora, while fighting abdominal spasms, thanks to the pectin it contains.

- Baking soda is effective against acid reflux and heartburn.

- Honey softens the treatment. And it has the property of facilitating digestion because it is better assimilated by the body.

- The tannins, flavonoids, antioxidants and amino acids contained in green tea improve digestive function.

And there you have it, whatever the cause of your digestive problems (stress, fatigue, overeating, etc.), you now know how to facilitate digestion naturally.