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The Tip That Could Save Your Life.

The Tip That Could Save Your Life.

No one is immune to accidents.

And when it does, you better be prepared.

Yes but how ? Good question.

All it takes is a little forethought and a piece of paper to slip into your wallet.

Indicate on the paper the person to contact in case of emergency as well as your blood group.

It may not seem like much, but it's the trick that could save your life. Watch:

The Tip That Could Save Your Life.

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How to

1. Take a piece of paper that fits in your wallet.

2. Indicate above the essential information to facilitate the task of the firefighters or the SAMU:

- the person to contact in case of emergency,

- the processing in progress with the name of the drugs and the doses,

- the blood group ,

- allergies to certain drugs or molecules.

3. Once completed, put the slip of paper in your wallet, ideally somewhere visible.

Why not tape it behind your identity card for example?


There you go, you've passed on all the information that could save your life in case of accident :-)

Simple, practical and fast!

And it can be terribly effective in the event of an accident.

Rescuers don't waste time looking for certain information...

Although, of course, they still do checks!

You can even do the same for your children.

Simply laminate the information card and slip it into their school bag.